Tuesday, September 16, 2008

beautiful burqa?

So I was at the Fresh Market, a higher end grocery store not too far from home, and saw the most interesting fashion moment. An Arabic woman was dressed traditionally in a beautiful midnight blue burqa. I love all things blue right now anyway, so to see this woman in her Muslim garb was pretty interesting. She was covered from head to toe. Only her face peeked out of the dark blue cloth. She even had matching blue gloves on. No skin was visible except that of her face. Her hair was hidden. But this woman had class. And style. As if it wasn't powerful enough for her to proclaim her traditions and honor her history, my Arabic friend completed her outfit with the most beautiful CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SHOES! I almost crashed my cart when I realized. And I smiled. And she smiled. I'm sure she spoke English, but we didn't have to say a word. Fashion speaks in every language.

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