Monday, February 2, 2009

Delta Airlines

So today and tomorrow is definitely a day for travel. I had breakfast in Quebec, lunch in Montreal, a snack in Ohio, and dinner in Florida. Tomorrow I'm having breakfast here in Florida, lunch in Atlanta, and dinner in LA - where I'll be staying for a week!

But I must tell you, my flight on Delta Airlines between Montreal and Ohio, was emotionally amazing. For those who don't know, my Mom had cancer for my entire life. What started out as skin cancer on the face, spread to lung cancer, cancer in the lymph nodes, and brain cancer. She died in April 2007. I've always been big on cancer awareness, and try to do what I can spread the word and be more accommodating to those who are surviving this terrible disease.

Regardless, on my flight from Montreal, a young man (about my age) was seated next to me, who very clearly was under chemotherapy treatment. He had no visible hair on his head, face, or body. With him, he had an empty water bottle. As the bottle was empty, our flight attendant Crystal asked him if he'd like her to throw the bottle away. He politely thanked her and said no. When she asked near the end of our flight again if he'd like her to throw it away, he said that he was saving it to refill once in the terminal. Before he could put the empty bottle away, Crystal had already returned with a giant bottle of water to refill his bottle.

I was so touched. When my Mom was in chemotherapy, I know it was terrible at dehydrating your entire body - she was always drinking water it seemed. And to see this flight attendant, without being asked or anything, go out of her way to help someone in need, while being discrete and amazingly professional, really touched me.

I already emailed Delta Airlines to praise Crystal, but I wanted to let you all know as well. After all, kindness and compassion are always en vogue.

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