Monday, February 16, 2009

Fashion to the Max

No matter what country or even continent you live in, this spring is all about details. Everyone is looking for renewed hope, renewed sense of self, and renewed inspiration. Look for chipper colours in both expected and unexpected places. For men and women, look for bright coloured cardigans and polo style or rugby shirts.

This spring, pink (of course) is the it colour. Light pinks, dark pinks, pale pinks, and electric pinks are in. Professionally, I love pale pink with darker grays like gunmetal or charcoal. Bright pink and even darker shades like magenta look great with white, black, or navy. And I love lighter shades with chocolates, beige, and even darker greens.

Women especially should focus on one-shoulder dresses, blouses, and shirts. It's the perfect mix of flirty behaviour while still being somewhat modest and tasteful. You can even pair the perfect one-shoulder top under a blazer for the office. Makes for effortless day-to-night looks.

Also for the lovely ladies, I'm really into bold, chunky jewelery, giant purses and tote bags, and of course, memorable, powerful shoes.

As for men, I'm loving distressed leather - in bomber or motorcycle jackets, belts, and shoes. Classic, soft brief cases in leather, canvas, or a combination of materials are also very smart for the office or the weekend. Slim silhouettes in pants, shirts, and especially suits are all you should be looking for. Even if winter has been cold and harsh, you should aspire to be fit and wear this type of tailored trends.

For both men and women, I encourage the investment of one great swim piece. Whether Sundek board shorts for men, or the perfect bikini for women, a well cut, well made suit in classic colours will last all summer long. With swimwear, you get what you pay for - so an investment in quality, fabric, and details will set you miles apart from every one else at the beach.

It's not original for spring, but I also really like the look of a deconstructed blazer. Pick something in a cool cotton or linen variety that breathes well, and is perfect for those cool summer nights. A little rumpled, wrinkled appearance makes it all the better for your carefree evening of cocktails and company.

I'm loving gingham. It's such a better alternative to the influx of plaids we've seen all winter long. The lumberjack red and black plaid should be left for the lumber yards, and not on the runways.

If you don't want to invest in a whole new wardrobe - pick a few key catagories and invest in one great piece from those catagories to update your ensembles. Like one great polo, cardigan, jacket, short, swimwear, shoe, and accessory.

Fashion is about being amazing, not breaking the bank. So do what you can. And remember, when you look good, you feel better.

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