Thursday, February 26, 2009

suede suede suede

I love suede shoes. My next footwear purchase, other than when I find the boots that I've had in my mind for nearly 2 years, will be some suede driving mocs. I love suede shoes, and nothing kicks winter to the curb like some amazing suede shoes.

Men, here's what to look for when you're hunting for the perfect suede shoes:

1. round toe. the square toe is unacceptable when it comes to spring suede shoes.

2. no laces. slip on is the style. it's always the style. like driving mocs.

3. thick soles are out. thin, durable soles with amazing traction. keeps for a modern look, but practical too.

4. protect your suede. springtime means sunshine, but it also means spring showers. so prep your suede for the occasional shower. or spilled drink.

5. choose a colour that's right for the season and right for you. I definitely suggest khaki (from the hindi word for dust), sand, or something else in the light beige category.

The more you wear your suede shoes, the better they look. And the better they feel. Put your best foot forward for spring!

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