Tuesday, February 24, 2009

must. have. now.

I see a lot of "stuff" each day. Whether online, in magazines, or out on any number of shopping extravaganzas, I really do see a lot of stuff. If I am casually looking, and keep reverting back to that "stuff" in my mind, over and over again, I know it really must have been special.
Yesterday I read the March issue of Details magazine. There are three things I can't get out of my mind, so I'm sharing them with you today.

First, you know I love great skincare. I'm proud of having amazing skin. And I'm always open to try something new, especially from reputable brands like Yves St. Laurent. After all, it was Yves who took over the reigns at Dior once Christian died. And right now, YSL skincare has an amazing anti-fatigue treatment. It comes in a silver bottle, and is about US$40. I have yet to actually try the product, but I've heard amazing things about it. I'll let you know what I think after I use it; but for now, I'm excited with anticipation.

Secondly, I love the "casual, elegant" look of old school European travelers. And Burberry, masters of the trench and all things English, have a great cotton trench that looks even better a little rumpled.

Just because you wear it casually doesn't mean it has to look sloppy, which this coat is far from. I love the great fit, the casual elegance, beautiful shape and colour, and its amazing durability.

And finally, you know I love great bracelets. I think bracelets show style, personality, and are the perfect accessory. And I'm loving what Paige Novick is doing right now. Also in Details' March issue, Paige has a great leather wrap type bracelet. And I must have it.Here, it's pictured with Scarf by Burberry Prorsum. Belt by BOSS Black. Belt by Paul Smith. Bag by Herm├Ęs. Hat by Still Life New York. Bag by Prada. Belt by Versace. Middle, from left: Watch by Panerai. Loafer by Allen Edmonds. Sunglasses by Michael Kors. Bottom, from left: Bracelets by Paige Novick. Shoe by Z Zegna. Belt by Trussardi 1911. Sunglasses by D&G. Watch by David Yurman.

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