Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Japan = detail

I love Japanese culture. Maybe it's because I'm Catholic, and love knowing what to expect. But maybe I love Japanese culture, because I love the intense attention to detail. Whether it's providing the utmost quality of food, the most artistic interpretation of Japanese flower arrangement, or the most detailed service or technology, one central concept remains in all things Japanese - details!

What else would you expect from a country with virtually no natural resources? Throughout all of the island nation, the land of the rising sun could be known as "the land of the rising detail" - as it's more than just a tradition. Masters of their craft constantly seek perfection. Everything has a place. Everything has a purpose. No matter what service or technology, the essence of the existence is highlighted.

I love Japan. Maybe we could all take a hint from their culture. After all, it's always in the details.

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