Thursday, February 12, 2009

more questionable fashions

Just kidding. It's really just another fashion question, asked recently by a friend.

Q: Hola, Fashion Guru :) I thought I'd pick your brain on this.... Within a year, my job will change to being an independent contractor, so, rather than being in the office every day, I'll be working at home. I don't, however, want to turn into a MomBlob before my time and wear sweats and a t-shirt just because the only person that will see me all day is my cat. What comfortable but stylish type outfits would you recommend I start stocking up on?

A: That's so funny you asked. I was just talking to someone about what I wear when consulting from home and personal shopping.

If you haven't already established an office or office space, do so. If you have a physical space for work, it'll be so much easier to avoid the distractions from home life.

Also, when I first started consulting from home, I'd always go barefoot - after all, it was my house anyway. But if I wore shoes, I'd be in "work mode" and be more productive and focused.

So, if you're not seeing clients or potential clients, I recommend and also wear great denim, with either an oxford or polo type shirt, and a blazer or sweater or cardigan. And of course, shoes.

If I am meeting clients or doing work related business, I add a tie or scarf.

You don't need to wear a suit or your 5" power pumps. Be comfortable. Let your wardrobe mirror your services. Poised. Professional. Creative. Appealing. Tasteful.

Stock up on great cardigans and blazers, designer denim or interesting trousers like linen sailor pants, and bright dress shirts or casual shirts.

If you need help, I'll be happy to meet you for a morning or afternoon of shopping! And I definitely agree - just because the only thing to see you is your cat, doesn't make it ok to wear baggy sweat pants and a tshirt. Be stylish, and all will be well!

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