Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A stimulating package and a designer car

Our lovely friends at the Bliss Spa are at it again. Last time, they had a wonderful campaign designed around the US Presidential Election. This time, they've created special packages focusing on the economic stimulus.

I love companies that make witty campaigns and promotions around intelligent, current events.

And speaking of advertising campaigns, has anyone seen the new commercials and advertisements for the Toyota Venza automobile? It seems like the ad/pr firm used by Toyota also copied and pasted the exact same campaign from the Ford Edge campaign. After seeing multiple commercials and pictures - I still have no clue about the actual car. I've seen spots with young, single, sexy people driving the car to a club, a young family with small children leaving a soccer game, and an older couple leaving a restaurant. And it's hauled a load of sporting equipment. It's apparently the car for everybody. Or, in our economy, the car for nobody.
Maybe we should look at our friends in Europe and start importing micro cars - like the famed Fiat 500. (I especially love the Diesel version!)

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