Saturday, February 28, 2009

shoe stores get the boot

I'm on a search. I've been looking for nearly two years now for the perfect boots. I know I want them to be brown. Preferably with a vintage feel, although they don't have to be authentically vintage. I'd like them to have western influence, but don't want them to be outright traditional cowboy boots. I want them to be relatively slim, not like the bulky sizing you'd associate with the traditional western style footwear. I don't want them to be adorned with crazy accents, perforated leather, or thick soles. I don't want them to be tall, maybe between ankle and mid-calf height.

Imagine a boot that both Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren would wear. Now that's what I want. It's tough when, in a world of seemingly endless fashion choices, there just isn't anything that you're looking for. I've tried on at least a dozen dozen pairs of boots. I'm sure the ones I really want are out there. If not, maybe someone can forward this message to Tom or Ralph. These boots were made for if only I can find them....

PS - a friend of mine, who has great style too, is looking for boots similar to these. So instead of one pair just for me, we'll actually need two.

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