Monday, February 9, 2009

Krislyn Design

So I just spent a week in Los Angeles, and I've officially renamed the city "Los Anjealous". Not only did I see some pretty amazing people (some well known, others not-so-known), but I also went to some pretty fantastic places.

You all know how much I love B.Brooks for all my floral needs. Well, while my friend's roommate and I were out shopping on 3rd Street in West Hollywood, we stumbled upon the most amazing store ever - Krislyn Designs. Imagine a story filled with the most beautiful, dreamlike designs, completely made of organic materials. From woods and flowers to strings and other natural things, Krislyn and her team are dream makers. I've never been so excited to stare at a little tree. But her incredible mastery of all things beautiful transcends through her work. And, to my obvious delight, Krislyn is a customer of B. Brooks too!

This Valentine's Day, why send someone an arrangement that, no matter how beautiful or costly, will soon whither away? Instead, send them something that will last forever - like a tree or something from Krislyn!

It's fairly obvious that I have great taste. I like the best of the best. Especially beautiful, one-of-a-kind things. And when I'm able, you can be sure that my homes will at least have one thing in common - they'll all be graced with that special touch from Krislyn and Co.

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