Thursday, February 19, 2009

a retail rant

I must tell you, I'm about to rant and rave for a moment.

The next time I walk into a store, and the first thing I hear from an associate is "can I help you find anything?" - I think I am going to have a meltdown.

What ever happened to "hello" or "welcome to the boutique" or "nice to see you" or some sort of greeting. Have you ever sat down at a restaurant to be greeted by the waitstaff with "what do you want to eat?"? There is a process to retail sales. And some steps are not negotiable. Especially the greeting. The thanks. And the invitation to return.

I am shocked that manager, trainers, and executives alike allow this poor service to continue. Especially in an economy that's less than desirable, you'd expect phenomenal service. No matter where you shop. I'm not expecting your local Wal-mart or discount retail to suddenly start client files on their best customers; but I am expecting each store, especially clothing retailers, to have their associates greet each customer, offer assistance, be helpful, provide accurate and efficient transactions, and conclude with a thanks and invitation to return soon.

The next time I'm asked "what can I help you find" after being in a store for 2.5 seconds and haven't received a proper greeting, I'm going to respond..."Yes. You can help me find a proper welcome and an invitation to shop here"...

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