Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a true icon

I really must be addicted to fashion. I don't just mean I like to shop and follow the season's latest trends. It goes deeper than that.

For those who don't know, I took care of my Mom for nearly two years while she had multiple cancers. After she died in April 2007, I declared there to be a 'no medical trauma' rule for ten years. I wasn't overwhelmed - I was just over being in hospitals and constant medical drama and diction.

Well, since Sunday, by dad has been in the hospital having tests for two heart conditions he's had for quite some time. I have been with him many hours in the hospital, dutifully asking all the right questions, keeping family and friends informed, and keeping dad entertained and his spirits high.

Needless to say I was stressed and not in the greatest mood. Especially because being in hospitals at this time of year is not exactly the easiest thing to deal with.

That was until I read a press release from H&M - Sweden's fabulous answer to high end fashion for the budget shopper. My day was instantly brightened simply by reading that 24,000 square feet of affordable goodness will be located in the city of my Alma matter, Orlando, at the Florida Mall this fall. I can't wait.

But I must send a huge thank you to H &M. Retail therapy was just what I needed today.

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