Friday, October 17, 2008

altered-ego fashions

I love making something my own. Whether it's a new trend, or something that has become vintage after years of love and use, there's just something special about clothes you love to wear season after season, year after year. Like my first cashmere sweater (that still fits, thank you very much!). Or my Dad's old helicopter squadron tshirts from the 70s and early 80s.

Don't get me wrong - I love great vintage stores. Almost as much as Rachel Zoe. But there's something more rewarding to having items aged on your own. It's the way your favorite pair of jeans fits. Or your favorite shoes. It just wouldn't be the same if someone else was wearing them.

I also love altering things to make them more unique. To update your denim, a few common household tools and some bleach can turn your drab jeans to fab. Rub wire brushes over the front and back of the garment to soften the texture and "open up" the fabric. You can also lightly use an electric sander to distress random portions of the fabric as well. I've even draped the denim over the edge of a cinder block, and then used the electric sander along the folded edges to create a "whiskered" effect. Spraying bleach or paints on the denim can also alter the look in a fashionable way.

And you don't have to stop at just denim. Splattering paint or bleach on khakis and other pants is an easy way for a fun update. Cutting or burning edges and hems adds an instant edge.

On another note, my loves at Diesel have extended their world from just clothing, accessories, and fragrance, and have paired up with the iconic Fiat Motor Company and created the Diesel 500. As if I needed another reason to relocate permanently to Europe?!

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