Saturday, October 18, 2008

Responsible is fashionable

Part of being fashionable is being responsible. And green is the color of responsibility! I'm not saying we need to go out and hug trees or stop wearing deodorant! But if you can buy environmentally friendly foods, products, and clothing - do it!

One of my favorite eco-conscious companies is called Method. You can buy this range at retailers across the globe, but in America I always buy my Method at Target - one of my favorite stores on earth!

Method makes an entire range of cleaning products for your house - from dishwasher tablets, to antimicrobial wipes, to granite polish - if you can clean it, Method makes it! But they don't just make any household cleaner! Their approach to the formulation of products is from a perspective that's fundamentally different than the standard in the cleaning product industry. The rigor of this approach means that for each of the ingredients used can be completely certain of their human and environmental health effects, and that no product will get approved unless it meets Method's incredibly high standard for effectiveness.

Method's products are highly effective, while having a minimal impact on the environment. Plus, they have wonder fragrances (or a completely fragrance free collection as well!) and come in the most ergonomic packages!

I've talked about many other eco-friendly fashion firms - like Branch Home , Arbor Sports, and Inhabitat. Cadillac is evening making a hybrid gas-electric powered Escallade!

Think green. It saves the environment. And we all know how much every economy could use a little more green!

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