Thursday, October 23, 2008

H&M Magazine

I must admit, sometimes when I find something I love, I secretly wish other people wouldn't find out about it, as to not spoil the goodness. For example, if everyone knew about my favorite restaurant in Florence, it would take forever to get a table whenever I visit. Or if people knew all of my tricks to get better service at boutiques, it wouldn't be special service anymore.

But one secret I want to share with everyone is the H&M e-magazine. Fashion forward. Full of designs and trends that are both affordable and attainable. Celebrity style (and sometimes gossip!). Well-thought articles on pop culture, fashion, style, and trends. Everything we love.

I've talked a lot recently about famous designers and fashion houses pairing with unlikely stores and brands. I'm so excited to say there is yet another designer/store jumping on this trend - and it's H&M and Comme des Garçons! Below you'll find a clip from the official press release.

It’s a thrilling coup for H&M. Debuting at H&M’s new Tokyo store on November 8th, then entering approximately 200 stores worldwide on November 13th will be a collection designed for H&M by Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons. One of the most significant figures in modern fashion, Kawakubo has created a full men’s and women’s collection for H&M, complete with accessories and a unisex fragrance. The pieces all have the uncompromising Comme des Garçons spirit, yet will all be available at H&M’s brilliantly accessible prices.

“I thought it would be an exciting event to work with H&M in order to sell Comme des Garçons clothes in places where they have never been sold and to appeal to people who may not yet understand Comme des Garçons. Marrying the commercial expertise of H&M with Comme des Garçons creation was a fascinating challenge", says Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons.

“This collection really reflects Kawakubo’s creative spirit and integrity. It is complete with the designer’s trademark, independent style and clever cuts - elaborate tailoring, shirts, knits and a series of playful jersey pieces in dramatic black and midnight blue with accents of white and
rose”, says H&M’s Creative Advisor Margareta van den Bosch.

Now if only H&M would incorporate online shopping to their site, or at least open a store in every city with 1,000,000+ people. (If there's not an H&M where you live, you can always browse the website and read the magazine, and use it for inspiration and replicate the looks at stores you do have!).

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