Thursday, October 30, 2008

fashion perspective

Perspective and point of view makes a world of a difference in fashion. Consider these:

-- a sweater hand-knitted by your great Aunt Myrtle may be sold for $5.00, while a sweater hand-knitted by the masters at Gucci may be sold for $5,000.

-- a dress made in China may be sold for $2.00, while a dress made in France may be sold for $2,000.

-- denim splattered with paint from your next door neighbor may be sold for $20, while denim splattered with paint from Andy Warhol may be sold for $500.

In fashion, every detail matters. Hand-knitted. Textiles from far off lands. Overdyed fabrics. unique aging and treatments. Visible darting. Just as the details in construction add a touch of luxe, accessories can rev up any look. The perfect shoes or belt. A scarf or hat. A broach or hair clip. Cuff links or a bracelet.

When you make something your own, when you create a look that is comfortable and enticing, your fashion perspective can open doors and start conversations without ease and comfort.

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