Thursday, October 2, 2008

a personal card

First, you must watch this clip -

And in the Ocean's 11 movie series, Danny Ocean has a personal business card, with only his name embossed on the front. Back in the day before everyone and their baby's cousin had mobilephones, iPhones, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, people would leave a "calling card" - simple, elegant cards with their name and phone number on it. It was away to keep in touch. To announce your arrival (or departure) and that you may again pay a visit and grace them with your presence.

As the economy is less than stellar, and the security of each and every job is suddenly in question, I move that we all bring back these so called "calling cards". Elegant, simple stationary of extremely high quality material and craftsmanship, announcing your name and numerical communication code.

After all, it's never really about the position you fill, but your ability to network, complete a task, and contribute to the next better goal. The relationships you build, and more importantly, the relationships you keep, are more valuable than any project completed or employee of the month plaque you may receive. Traditional business cards marry your existence to a particular company or position; personal calling cards are identified solely by you. Your impact upon someone, the relationship and image you create, will last forever. So ditch the preconceived notions that your company or position may bring. Step up to the plate of life. Stand out from the crowd. Be your own image. Be your calling card. Because when you take the leap to really live life and quite your mundane job, you'll be so thrilled to continue to foster the relationships you established on your own accord.

You'll need a case to keep these personal calling cards secure. I love a discrete, small leather case, like those found at Hermes and Gucci. Just as you're selective with your fashion choices, you should also be selective in whom you present your personal calling card. Don't just give them to anyone. Offer the card to new business professionals with whom you call friend, or may see yourself learning from, gaining insight or experience, or getting or giving assistance in the future. After all, "networking" is one letter different than "not working"...and the opportunity to not work is always in style.

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Shippee Couture I am a huge fan of this blog. Serious mantra at the end.
~ Evelyn