Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Merry Christmas, Neiman Marcus

I think I might, just maybe, sort of, ok definitely be obsessed with the 2008 Neiman Marcus Christmas book. This is the ultimate wish list for everyone, whether naughty or nice. Brendan Hoffman, President of Neiman Marucs Direct, has outdone himself. And not just because a portion of the proceeds benefits research for the most common child brain tumor.

Let's start with how classic and amazing the tweed jacket and skirt from Armani Collezioni are on page four. Imagine the pleasant intimidation you would evoke wearing this in to a power meeting of brilliant minds. Incredible.

And the Yves St Laurent Arabesque dress on page seven? I hear stylist Rachel Zoe saying "I die. I die" as she drools over this masterpiece. Pure silk, made in France, ivory and black. All the ingredients you'd expect from Christian Dior's apprentice.

For a little va-va-voom, try the Marchesa Couture Mink Cuff minidress on page eleven. Some clothes say nothing at all. This dress introduces you as a fashion forward, uncompromising, beautiful power.

Page fourteen's wine coloured Jimmy Choo snake skin bag is absolutely beautiful. I'm not so sure if I like the crystal mesh bag also featured with it. But I love the snakeskin. Exotic without being egotistical.

Page sixteen and seventeen almost make me stop breathing. Prada and McQueen. The Nero black shade, the animal textured pattern, the oversize zip ... there's definitely something Prada going on here. The "Raso Animalier" padded jacket and mini skirt, to be specific. Continental couture that is perfect for excursions international or domestic. Those collar and placket ruffles on Alexander's black denim frock jacket fishtail right on down the back, too. His white high-collar shirt is a stretchy poplin, with elongated cuffs to match. The black georgette leggings have some stretch for a flattering fit, with black sequins for some dazzle. The jacket and shirt are cotton and Lycra®; the leggings are silk and Lycra®. Everything is crafted in Italy.

I usually love fur coats, but there's something a bit off about Burberry's Prussian blue rabbit fur coat on page eighteen. I wonder what Christopher Bailey was thinking...or not thinking. I don't know if it's the colour...or the fit...or the entire thing. Not a fan. But Gucci's giant pave diamond ring on page nineteen makes up for Christopher's lack of excitement. And the natural rough diamonds on page twenty...I think I'm in love.

You get the point. I'm only on page twenty and there are countless pieces of fashion marvel that have not only captured my mind and attention, but my breath as well. Be sure to check out the "wow" gifts, like the $110,000 motorcycle, a Dallas Cowboys football fan's dream package for only $500,000, a record collection for a quarter of a million dollars, historical jewelery, a transformable structure/art, lifesize personal replicas made entirely from LEGO blocks, and much, much more.

It's nice to dream. It's nice to see such beauty. This isn't just fashion. It's a wearable art and investment. Neiman Marcus makes Christmas merry and bright. Bravo, amici! E Buon Natale!

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