Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Now is the time to shop!

If you're lucky enough to have some liquid income or have some extra money saved, now more than ever is a wonderful time to shop! Retailers are already advertising and promoting the upcoming Christmas season, and it's not even Halloween yet. Companies world wide are scaling back employees and other expenses, and are doing everything they can to entice sales - which means lower prices, more items on clearance, and more benefits for the customer! There was a tshirt at Abercrombie that I wanted. Less than two weeks after it debuted on the sales floor, the shirt was discounted nearly 40%. Higher end department stores are extending sales periods, offering free shipping, and even free gifts with purchase.

On another note, J. Crew has debuted a "tailored fit" dress shirt that is absolutely wonderful. The fit, the construction, and design elements are worth far more than the $75 pricetag. Crisp and classic in the 100s two-ply cotton. Tailored fit—a slimmer, more tailored cut with a made-to-measure feel. Point collar with stays. Standard placket. Chest pocket. Back yoke with two pleats. Finished with bespoke-inspired signature details. Shirttail hem. And machine washable!
I definitely recommend this shirt for the office, for dinner, and for the evening! It's slimmer fit and more luxurious elements can be a great alternative to having shirts customized or tailored - a wonderful way to look great without spending a small fortune.

The more you shop, the more money you inject into the economy, the quicker we see economic stability. Like we should need a reason to shop in the first place?!

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