Thursday, March 26, 2009

the accessory of the day sunglasses. I love sunglasses. Big sunglasses. Dark sunglasses. Aviators. Sporty wrap style. Handmade. Stylish. Fashion forward.

I don't know why I love sunglasses so much. Maybe because they're actually practical and shield your eyes from the elements - not just the sun, but the wind, debris, and haters of course. I am definitely one who stares, so having a little separation between my eyes and yours brings a certain air of dignity and privacy.

A few years ago on our annual Italian vacation, I didn't want any traditional trinkets or souvenirs. I wanted sunglasses. The perfect pair from Diesel Style Lab. And now whenever I wear them, I am instantly transformed into the Italian fashion icon. Not really, but I do love the glasses and am reminded of all things Italian.

I'm currently really into Dior Homme's glasses for men. Go figure. I love Dior.

So the next time you want to amp up your style, consider a new pair of sunglasses. You can never have too many. And remember, eye told you so!

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