Friday, March 27, 2009


It's springtime in the northern hemisphere. And that could only mean one (of several thousand) thing - it's time for vneck tshirts!

I don't often wear tshirts, but in the spring and summer months, I love vneck tshirts. Super soft cotton. Bright colours. Aqua. Goldenrod. Saffron. Grass. Magenta. And of course, grays of various shade, white, and plain old red.

Vnecks can be much more versatile than just a normal tshirt. Pair it under a blazer with your favourite khakis or jeans. Or jazz up your favourite tuxedo pants with a brightly coloured vneck.

Vnecks aren't just limited to tshirts either - I love my light gray cashmere vneck sweater. It's perfect for when the sun goes down and the chilly nights are upon us.

I don't know what else to say - I just love them. Stock up now. The more colours, the better.

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