Monday, March 30, 2009

a real attitude for fashion

there are several attributes one can possess to increase their style quotient. i'm not saying you have to be a certain way to be fashionable, but i've noticed there are several qualities that i see in people who also happen to have great style.

(in no particular order)

-- confidence - not just having the gusto to wear the season's latest trends, but the ability to know that you look good, are comfortable in your own skin and surroundings, and emit a calm understanding of who you are and what makes you happy.

-- self-awareness - in addition to being confident, if you are conscious of your current state - your emotions, your abilities, your resources, your mannerisms, etc - you'll be much more relaxed. and when you're relaxed, you exude confidence.

-- genuinely - authenticity in fashion is key. on so many levels.

-- comfortable luxury - unpretentious. elegant. not stuffy. not ordinary.

when you look good, you feel better. and when you feel great - you look the best.

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