Friday, March 6, 2009

Cole Haan Flywire by Nike

So I stopped in to Cole Haan today and ended up staying for about 2 hours. Maybe it's because my local Cole Haan is of the newest concept, and is absolutely beautiful to look at and visit. Or it's because my favourite CH girl, Megan, is amazing. Or because her manager Christa, and coworker Leslie, are some of the most personable, friendly, and fun-loving people in the industry. Or it might have been that the girls had some extra time on their hands and wanted to know what I thought of several of their newest shoes and collections. So of course, I had to try on and test several different new kicks.

And my favourite shoes, of all time, might just have to be the new Flywire shoes by Cole Haan with Nike Technology.

Here's how the website describes them:

Nike Air Flywire
Debuted during the 2008 Beijing Olympics

A revolutionary technology, its high strength threads work like cables on a suspension bridge with support engineered precisely where the foot needs it. The filaments allow for a minimalistic shoe upper, reducing weight to allow for a lightweight sleek design.

Here's how I describe them: simply amazing.


Anonymous said...

I want these shoes! They look so cool!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 comfortable! Good to see some innovation in the brand and a play for a wider consumer base!