Thursday, March 5, 2009

there is method to my madness

...or so I like to think. I've spoken a lot over the past few months about my minor obsession with Method Home's cleaning products. As I write this, I'm laundering some clothing with their fabulous detergent. So I decided I needed to send Method a little love note today. I told them how much I love their products, their environmental responsibility, and their story in general. And, of course, I asked for coupons and/or free stuff. Not because they should reward my free (and unsolicited) publicity, but because I know that "the answer is always no, until you ask..."

So, I'm going to copy and paste my response from the great people at method.

Hello there, thanks so much for taking the time to write to us and for all of your candid and encouraging words.

I checked out your website, it's awesome! So glad to hear that you are using and enjoying many of our products! The good news is that we have a ton of new things launching this year and into 2009 at Target, Whole Foods, Lowes and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores nationwide as well as online at and, so be on the lookout for those... we are just getting started!

As for coupons, they are in the mail!

Warmest regards,
Sarah (lastname deleted for privacy)

p.s- I love my new boy friend watch; can't quite afford dior or chanel! But Michael Kors does a nice version!

I must say - I've always been a fan of Method and their goods. But now, after some real interaction with their associates, I am officially a fan for life. Sarah, whoever she may be, might just be my new best friend. Free coupons for great stuff. And she actually read my blog. And yes, Mr Kors does make a great boyfriend watch, too!

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