Tuesday, March 24, 2009

white hot denim

In the northern hemisphere, it is officially spring. Gone are the winter blues, cold weather accessories, and sad skies. Now is the time for spring. New life. New fashion.

And what is spring fashion without white hot denim? Here are some simple suggestions to the perfect denim...

-- keep your white denim white. nothing is tackier than something that's supposed to be white and instead is browned, dirtied, and just plain stale. bleach is your friend.

-- keep your white denim plain. some denim looks better with embellishment, rhinestones, special seams, coloured threads, distressing, whiskering, special washes, etc. but white denim looks best with minimal treatment.

-- pay attention to fit. you don't want your denim to be skin tight. and it shouldn't be baggy either. fit should be loose, just skimming your natural shape.
-- keep denim accessories to a minimum. if you're wearing great white denim pants, a dark tshirt or polo shirt, simple belt, and matching shoes are the best look. you can even dress up your white denim with a dark coloured button down shirt, tie, and blazer.

don't be afraid to wear your white denim. the more you wear it, the better it looks and feels. white denim. white hot.

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