Wednesday, March 11, 2009

J'Adore Dior - and rightfully so!

I've always loved Dior. From Christian's very first collection 62 years ago, to the very latest, his mastery of accentuating and highlighting the female figure is absolutely incredible.
I just saw John Galliano's latest collection for Dior, and I must say - IT'S ABOUT TIME! The first thoughts that rushed into my head were "This is just like The New Look". For those who aren't quite so familiar with the history of Dior, the fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar proudly proclaimed Christian's inaugural collection as being "The New Look", for it debuted shortly after the end of the World Wars, where rationing of fabric and metals and leathers and goods had finally ended - Christian's collection was full of excess, vitality, and femininity.

So, this new collection is simply amazing. With cinched waists, soft rounded shoulders, and incredible detail. The most care and attention is given to everything. From what seem like endless layers of ruffles, to the quaintest bows, to flowing fabrics that drape so elegantly, everything is poignant and perfect.

You'll see the debut of a new CD logo - very reminiscent to a certain medallion from the Dior shoes of the 80s. The logo is fresh, modern, and young. I can't wait to see it be so well received.

Bags are reinvigorated. The most beautiful pleating, styling, and design was used in their creation. Especially for the Dior Trente bags. Fabulous.

I always liked the Rock and Roll essence that Hedi Slimane brought to Dior Homme, so I'm thrilled that the CDBee bag range includes a strikingly similar bee charm, that when removed, doubles as a whimsical keyring.

In a society where the economy is on everyone's minds, clients today are looking for a bag that won't quickly be going out of style. They want quality. They want exclusivity. Think about it - you'd rather spend $1500 on an amazing bag that you'll have for a dozen decades, will wear and age amazingly, and is versatile enough to carry from year to year, and not just season to season.

Undeniably, the most classic, elegant bag is the Lady Dior - which, as I've said here several times, was created at the request of Madame Chirac for Princess Diana as a symbol of France. In May, the house will shoot a second batch of ads for the Lady Dior handbag featuring Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard, depicted in the first episode clutching the lace-like metallic grid of the Eiffel Tower, the purse slung on her arm etched with a similar pattern. (Also coming out soon on Dior's website is a mini-movie with Cotillard devoted to the making of the campaign.)

Dior's next contender in leather goods is the Trente bag, named after the French word for the number 30, the historic Avenue Montaigne address for Dior, and the number of key design elements of the bag, including a logo medallion in a very '30s style. The lambskin style, with the cane-work pattern hand-embroidered in the same soft leather, boasts a double-chain handle with glinting, faceted links carved using fine jewelry techniques. It began arriving in stores late last month, retailing from $2,300.
J'Adore Dior. What do you love?

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